Find My Phone AI Mishap Leads to $4 Million Settlement for Terrified Grandmother

Woman Awarded $4 Million Settlement after Terrifying SWAT Raid Triggered by Find My Phone AI Mishap

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Find My Phone AI Mishap Leads to $4 Million Settlement for Terrified Grandmother

Find My Phone is an application that helps users locates their lost or stolen mobile devices using GPS technology. Find My Phone AI allows users to remotely track the location of their phones, ring them, lock them, & erase data to prevent security breaches.

Denver, Colorado - March 6, 2024 - In a landmark case, a retired US Postal Service worker and grandmother, Ruby Johnson, has been awarded nearly $4 million after a harrowing incident involving a SWAT team mistakenly breaking into her home. The shocking event unfolded due to a misguided application of the Find My Phone AI app, leading to a series of unfortunate consequences.

On January 4, 2022, Ruby Johnson, a 78-year-old Montbello resident, experienced a terrifying encounter when a SWAT team, equipped with tactical rifles and military gear, stormed into her home. The incident, outlined in the lawsuit filed by Johnson's legal team, sheds light on the traumatic events that unfolded during the mistaken raid.

According to the lawsuit, Johnson, clad in only a bathrobe, was ordered to exit her home with her hands raised. The police, allegedly acting on faulty information from the Find My Phone AI app, subjected her to a search that resulted in damaged property and emotional distress.

Find My Phone AI - The lawsuit details the extensive police presence, including the use of a megaphone, a battering ram to breach the garage, and the destruction of personal belongings, including a prized collectible doll figurine. Johnson left confused and frightened, did not explain the invasion and was subsequently detained in the back of a police vehicle.

The root cause of this unfortunate incident lies in the theft of a truck containing firearms, cash, and an iPhone 11. The truck owner, using the Find My app AI, tracked the phone to the vicinity of Johnson's home, leading Detective Gary Staab to obtain a search warrant for her residence. However, as the lawsuit contends, the warrant was wrongly obtained, as the Find My Phone AI app explicitly stated that the iPhone's location could not be accurately identified.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) highlights the deficiencies in the search warrant, emphasizing that the operation was based on inaccurate information relayed by the Find My Phone AI app, resulting in no evidence being found connecting Johnson to the alleged incident.

Johnson, facing the aftermath of the traumatic incident, filed a lawsuit against Sergeant Gregory Buschy and Detective Gary Staab, the individuals responsible for approving the search warrant. Find My Phone AI - The lawsuit claims neither official offered any apology for the invasion, leaving Johnson with physical damages to her property and enduring psychological and emotional harm.

AI - Macdonald, Johnson's legal representative, asserts, "For us, the damage was always about the psychological and the emotional harm to Ms. Johnson." The lawsuit details the shattered sense of privacy, safety, and peace within her home, forcing Johnson to move out after 40 years due to sleepless nights and feelings of intense shame and embarrassment.

Find My Phone AI - The jury in Denver state court ruled in Johnson's favour on March 4, awarding her a settlement of $3.76 million. The verdict, announced by the ACLU of Colorado, marks a significant legal precedent and emphasizes the need for accountability in cases involving the misuse of AI applications and law enforcement actions.

Reporters reached out to the Denver Police Department for comments from Sergeant Gregory Buschy and Detective Gary Staab.

In conclusion, the case of Ruby Johnson serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences when AI applications, such as Find My Phone AI, are not accurately interpreted, highlighting the importance of responsible and informed decision-making in law enforcement!

However, it has been stated that the Find My Phone AI app has been updated and is a lot more accurate and it is located here: Find My Phone.

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